Late For Church — текст песни (Drive-By Truckers)

Late for church again
Never seem to be on time
Hear the bells as they peal through the holler
Doesn`t sound like a friend of mine

A hundred eyes turn as I enter
Face burnin` as I walk past pews
I can tell they think I`m a sinner
Hear them whisper while I`m watching my shoes

Only seat left is right up front
I`m not a bit surprised
Back is soft but the seat is hard
Why can`t they get it right?

Reverend Bob is pointin` his finger
Mom and Dad follow every last word
All this hollerin` makes me wonder
Does a whispered prayer get heard?

Reverend Bob is preachin` out thunder
Fire and brimstone pouring down
Me, I`m wondering what`s for dinner
Waitin` for 12 o`clock to come round

Everybody`s got their own Heaven
They all find it their own way

I am an angel

lyrics by Adam Howell/Patterson Hood
music by Drive-by Truckers

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