Number One — текст песни (marillion)

You sound truly heartbroken

You can do it. youre a pro

Agony from every pore. and such control

The orchestra swoops and the drum samples roll

You hold the high scream into the key change for the outro

Its another number one

And thats exactly where youre comin from

But can you play me a song

For the deliberate loser

Like an olympic ice skater youve put in the hours

Learned the routines and the high scoring loops

And even before you sing the sweet opening line

Youre know that youre scorin at least 5.9

Here come the flowers

I saw them gathered all around you

Hangin on your every word

You were telling them youre masterplan

World domination

... any way you can

Dont you ever wonder if this will to win is a weakness?

Dont you ever wonder...

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