Popstar Kill — текст песни (bis)

Hey popstar you look real silly

I want to kill you now (kill, kill, kill)

Hey popstar youre such a fake

You really look a joke (joke, joke, joke)

Hey popstar I hate your guts

You dont deserve to live (die, die, die)

Hey popstar get out my face

I hate the sight of you (hate, hate, hate)

One day youll realise

That youre not that great

The people they hate you

They think youre a fake

Hey popstar look at yourself

You are a fuckin state (fuck, fuck, fuck)

Hey popstar look at yourself

Oh why cant you just wait (wait, wait, wait)

I am me

Youre not you

I like me

You love you

I am real

Youre not true

I hate you too

Hey popstar your time has come

Now we know who you are (who, who, who)

Hey popstar give up the fight

Youre looking like a fool (fool, fool, fool)

Hey popstar youre just pretend

The kids wont be decieved (no, no, no)

Hey popstar youre killing me

We just want the truth (truth, truth, truth)

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