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Super Mega Orgazmotron

  • After Genie

    I`m waking up and strafing, Watching the tv `cos todays the day I got over you, Taking out the crap, And the rubbish that I stashed of the two of us in 2002, You broke my heart when Kurt Cobain was king, I gave you a back massage...

Super Natural Freaks

  • Monkey

    I don`t want to hear that monkey talk Get your shit and start to walk If you want to hear what I have to say Then put that damn monkey away (Chorus): The monkey laughs The monkey cries That fucking...

Super Transatlantic

  • Super Down

    Super TransAtlantic, I am sick and I am down Stupefied and tragic, Im a clown Electric Omni-presence, I am forced beneath the ground Exotic, bleeding, toxic, while I drown Some might say Im beautiful Some might say Im not ...


  • Gigolo

    Hot nights I saw you dancing spot lights saw you romancing and why should I pretend I liked it when you stopped looking through me then you came right up to me and when you took my hand you made me understand you`d take - and make...

Johnny Hallyday

  • Je Ne Suis Pas Un Hйros

    Reprise de Daniel Balavoine

    Des coups de poing dans l`вme
    Le froid de la lame qui court
    Chaque jour me pousse
    Un peu plus vers la fin
    Quand je monte sur scиne
    Comme on prend le dernier train

Varius Manx

  • A Prisoner

    I`m here You`re outside Turn on the screen Can you see me now? We can start a conversation You can ask questions Who am I? Well, I`m just a computer creature What am I doing here? I`m a pawn in this game Do I like it? To tell you ...


  • Ich Wnscht Du Wrst Bei Mir

    Ich wnscht, ich wnscht du wrst bei mir. (Wish you were here) Ich wnscht, ich wnscht du wrst bei mir. (Wish you were here) Ich wnscht, ich wnscht du wrst bei mir, (Wish you were here) Ganz nah, nah bei mir.


  • Big Star Machine

    ould someone help me comprehend How my wanting to have friends is now this monster that I feed It`s popularity I need When people think that I`m the deal It helps me feel like I am real but I think I lost the me looking for the st...

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