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  • After All

    Now its just a few years ago, then I am born Today I dont remember that I was somewhen a child Who didnt think about What all the people have done to this world We should better watch up for our vital systems Maybe you cant believ...


  • Asleep, I Lie

    I can`t stay forever
    and you`re too insulting to me (darling)
    I can`t live forever and be who they want me to be and...

    I cannot pretend
    I will not surrender these dreams in my head
    I will ...


  • Can you handle me

    There`s something about your smile There`s something about the way you make me feel Keeps me holding on It brings me back, you know the game to play Back into your flame Back towards the point of no return To see your face again To point it out as no ...


  • Karma Slave

    Today I`ll be spinning on a Wheel I`m a slave to a Wheel And there isn`t any stopping What mistake(s) could I have made? I`m a slave serving time for a life that I`ve forgotten.


  • Cigarette

    Got myself a job Gonna move up that corporate ladder Follow in the footsteps of all my friends Have another cigarette So why you tripping on me? I can`t take all the pressure Gotta find some way to cope with this Have another c...

Craven Beverly

  • Castle In The Clouds

    -------------------- You can waste your time building barriers spend your life trying to break them down again like an island ina sea that breathes revenge when we talk sometimes you`re a looking glass every word from the blueprin...

Wyclef Jean f Hollywood, Shells, Timbala

  • David Banner

    [Intro] Wyclef Jean: John Shop!!! Wyclef Jean & Timbaland: You don`t wanna provoke! [Wyclef Jean] You won`t like me when I`m angry! You won`t like me when I`m angry!!!! [Timbaland] Let me tell ya! [Verse 1: Wyclef Jean] + (Timbaland) You don`t wanna...

Cravin Melon

  • Come Undone

    Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin I`ve been waiting for you Signed, with a home tattoo, Happy birthday to you was created for you (can`t ever keep from falling apart At the seams Can`t I believe you`re taking my heart To...

The Whites

  • Keep On The Sunny Side

    There`s a dark & a troubled side of life There`s a bright, there`s a sunny side, too Tho` we meet with the darkness and strife The sunny side we also may view cho: Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, Keep on the su...

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